quarta-feira, 26 de agosto de 2009

By The Way IV

Há muito tempo que não há música por aqui.

Porque é Verão, porque apetece dançar, porque até gosto da letra, porque esta pergunta até me anda à voltas nesta cabecinha (que um dia ainda corto e deito fora) cá vai... I don't know why...

Never happy, not satisfied
Always complains for nothing
Hopes and dreams are fading away
It's not hard to figure it out
There's no doubt, you'll find a way
Live the moment, each and every day

I don't know why
I can not see the beauty in front of me
I can not...
I don't know why
I can't see the beauty in front of me

Always thinking it’s not enough
Maybe it’s time to fight for it
Days and years are going so fast
We run set we’re full of regrets
Why keep on blaming someone else?
Love and luck are turning their back

Now I see here
It's always been there
People like their simple things
Live the moment, each and every day


Is it there? Is it right there?
Right in front of you
This is what you've been looking for
For a long, long time
Make it real, make it right now
You've got to live it now


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mimanora disse...

Eh, eh, esta também anda lá pela chafarica!
E a pergunta anda no ar;)